About JAFS

Japan Asian Association & Asian Friendship Society (JAFS)


Aiming to create the society of the earth where the people would be happy no matter where they are given birth and who they are.


To realize “understanding, cooperation and solidarity” throughout Asia for one Asian Community in Social Welfare

Japan Asian Association Asian Friendship Society (JAFS) is a Non-Governmental Organization

involved with international co-operational work and networking. Since 1979 JAFS main activity has been in providing wells to Asian countries where the scarcity of drinking water has been causing many issues and problems in the rural areas. JAFS today has local chapters in 68 areas of 18 Asian countries including India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh and etc,.

Aiming to create “understanding, cooperation and solidarity” among Asian peoples, JAFS has been implementing sustainable development cooperation projects starting with the provision of wells, and has presently spread to incorporate projects in education, environmental conservation, hygiene, health improvement, upgrading livelihood, and rural development among others.111

JAFS is also involved with fostering voluntary organizations to promote international exchange programs such as work camps, the Asian International Network Seminar, and Asia Youth Summit, and strives to develop global competencies of other cultures within Japan.

Furthermore, JAFS advocates the International Green Scout Movement with its promotion of global environmental conservation where the activities are carried out both in Japan and other Asian regions. As part of the Green Scout activities, JAFS partakes in a program, “School of Soil, Water, and Greenery (Ecological School)” held during summer vacations so that children can have

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