The 8th Asia Youth Summit

About AYS

AYS is an organization mainly run by students to achieve sustainable society by developing the youth in Asia.
“Sustainable Society” is “Society that maintains the balance of economy, society and environment”.

In order to create such a society, the development of human resources is essential by giving younger people the opportunities to think about the problems and solutions of their living areas and the experiences of making an action.Through this process, it is expected that Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) would be achieved.

AYS is the event where educates youth generation who will bear the society for next decades to preserve the sustainability and also makes the ties among young people in various Asian countries.

AYS’s Vision

We aim to develop human resources to create the society in which anyone feels worth to be a part.

AYS’s Mission

We aim to nurture of human resources with a high level of problem discovering and solving abilities and vitality to make an action in order to preserve the earth.


Let’s make a project for a better local community.

~ For making peaceful community ~

Consider any peaceful community for you.
Then think about what we can do for making that community.


  • Entry

    Due: 24 June, 2023

  • Progress Check

  • Video Creation

    Due: 20 July, 2023

  • Watch the Video

    Due: 10 Aug,2023- 16 Aug, 2023

  • Summit

    19 and 20 Aug, 2023

  • Program of action

    9 Sep, 2023

  • Preparation of
  • Projects progress

     (mid-term report)

For AYS participants

This page is for participants only.
You will find information and videos of the participants of the 7th AYS.

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